Master Instructor - Grand Master David Martin

Master Martin is the owner and most senior instructor at Family Martial Arts Black Belt Schools. He began his Martial Arts career in 1982, and has since trained in numerous styles and disciplines, with some of the world's top instructors. Among his achievements are a fifth degree black belt in Taekwondo and a Master's grade in Kyusho Jitsu.

Master Martin continues to train and teach both in Europe and the USA, to share his knowledge and to continue to bring fresh ideas and techniques back for the benefit of the students and instructors at Family Martial Arts.

Master Martin holds a 7th Degree in Kyusho-Jitsu and is a registered Instructor with the DKI (Dillman Karate International)

Chief Instructor - Maidstone - Mr. Michael Morgan-Lewis

Mr. Morgan-Lewis started with Grand Master Martin in 2006 and holds the rank of 3rd Degree in Taekwondo and a 2nd degree Black Belt in Kyusho-Jitsu. He enjoys teaching and seeing the students improve and succeed and has a great style of teaching which is enjoyed by all.

Chief Instructor - Gravesend - Mr. Louis Tandoh

Mr. Tandoh has spent most of his life studying various martial arts and since 2003 has been involved with Master Martin. Having progressed under Master Martin and achieving his black belt he then took up the role of instructor and then became Chief Instructor for the schools working in a full time role, with day to day duties and overseeing the other instructors and assistants.

He now holds a 3nd Degree in Taekwondo and 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kyusho-Jitsu and has assisted Master Martin at locations around the UK.

Grading Examiner - Mr. Paul Jackson

Master Martin's longest serving student. Mr Jackson continues to train hard and will examine the students performance at their regular gradings, and if he sees solid improvement and a hard working, motivated student, he will award them their next grade and belt.

Mr. Jackson holds a 4th Degree in Taekwondo

Senior Instructor - Mr Andy O'Brien

Mr O'Brien has many years experience in Judo and Taekwondo. Teaching mainly adult students, his particular focus on simple self defence techniques will, with consistent training, make you safer and more confident on the streets. His passion and motivation always ensure for a good class.

Mr O'Brien holds a 3rd Degree in Taekwondo

Instructor - Mr. Douglas Adams

Mr Adams began his Martial arts journey studying Kickboxing, reaching the rank of 2nd degree black belt where his passion for sparring and Martial Arts weapons developed. Since 2008, he began studying Taekwondo under the instruction of Master Martin and soon became an instructor after many years on the Certified Instructor Training Programme

Mr Adams holds a 3rd Degree in Taekwondo

Other members of the schools that are part of the Family Martial Arts Certified Instructor Training (CIT) Team are also on hand to assist in and out of class to students, parents and visitors, They are recognizable by their blue Assistant uniforms and friendly faces.

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