Family Martial Arts Black Belt Schools are owned and run by Master David Martin. Master Martin has over 29 years experience in various Martial Arts styles and disciplines, and has trained with some of the world's top instructors.

In 1995, Master Martin started running his own Martial Arts classes, and within two months he was running two successful martial arts clubs. In January 2002, Master Martin's first full time School of Martial Arts was opened in Maidstone Kent. He believed that with a permanent location he could offer superior training facilities and bring his unique teachings of Martial Arts and Life Skills to a wider audience. His theory was borne out, as Family Martial Arts has now grown to two full time schools


Both schools are well equipped and have excellent male and female changing facilities, a refreshment area where you can relax before or after a lesson or watch your children train in the viewing area. Onsite parking is available at the Family Martial Arts Maidstone School and a large car park is just 100 metres from the Family Martial Arts Gravesend School. Both schools are fully matted with safety matting ensuring good grip, hygienic training and a more enjoyable lesson. Both schools are not short of equipment as shown below making sure the students can get as much possible from their Martial Arts lesson in the safest way


The core Martial Art at Family Martial Arts is Taekwondo. This is a modern Martial Art from Korea, with roots going back thousands of years. The style is famous for its high kicks and fast hand techniques; 'Tae' means to strike with the foot or kick, 'Kwon' means to punch or strike with the hand, and 'Do' means art or method.

We also incorporate dynamic Kickboxing drills and kicking combinations, practical self defence and street awareness, fitness and conditioning, and optional weapons training into our programmes. In addition, our children's programmes place emphasis on learning Life Skills such as what 'Respect' means, how to earn it and how to show it.

Family Martial Arts Schools run to a planned curriculum incorporating all of these elements, designed so that everyone from the beginner to those experienced in other arts can benefit from our training.

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